Community Conference Facilitation

The Community Conference is the most formal of restorative processes.  It brings together those responsible for and those most affected by a serious incident of wrongdoing and appropriate school personnel.  Through a scripted process, participants explore what happened, address the causes of the harm, its impact on those affected and investigate ways to make amends and minimise the risk of future wrongdoing.  It offers a way to achieve positive outcomes for students, parents, caregivers and the school community in the wake of incidents so usually challenging for schools.

Within the school setting, this process has been used for cases ranging from extreme behaviour, such as bullying, assault, theft, vandalism or abusive behaviour, to chronic non-attendance.

Restorative Pathways staff are available to facilitate conferences where needed and offer the school a third party skilled in these processes, but not connected directly with the school. Please contact us for more information.


Modelling restorative processes, circles in classrooms and mentoring staff

As a teacher herself, Kristy highly regards modelling and observing as fundamental educational strategies.  Many teachers value the opportunity to work directly with Kristy in their classrooms. This opportunity could involve facilitating a circle session, modelling restorative chats in the classroom or yard, or simply mentoring/coaching staff. If this appeals to your school, contact Kristy through this website to discuss your needs directly.