Restorative Pathways offers a range of innovative workshops and training programs that are routinely rated as among the best professional development attended by educators.  We offer tailored whole school introductory sessions in circles and restorative practices; trainings in classroom conferencing; and circles & relational teaching.  If you would like to know if we can offer something in your area, please contact us at


The training provided by Restorative Pathways aims to meet the following objectives:

  • Become familiar with the theory of Restorative Justice
  • Explore current behaviour management understandings and knowledge and to guide new ways of thinking about this
  • Promote whole school approaches to behaviour management and the development of social/emotional capacity
  • Model restorative skills and values in context
  • Review and/or develop school policies
  • Promote healthy relationships and encourage student-led responsibility via classroom strategies
  • Explore current research data in the field of Restorative Justice, particularly in relation to schools
  • Provide a safe, supportive environment conducive to exploring and role playing restorative approaches
  • Provide a practical framework that is ongoing, supportive and sustainable