Restorative Pathways is an organization based in Melbourne, Victoria, committed to transforming the way school communities build and maintain relationships, respond to wrongdoing, manage behaviour and conflict and develop positive well-being for students, staff and families.  We provide quality training, facilitation and support in the implementation and development of restorative approaches in schools and organisations.  Restorative Practices is what practitioners do when they use the principles, values and practices of the philosophy of Restorative Justice (RJ).

Kristy Elliott, director and founder of Restorative Pathways, began her teaching career in the ACT in the year 2000 and has been working in schools ever since.  It was in her teaching role in the ACT that she was introduced to Restorative Practices, attending numerous training sessions from 2003 onward.  In 2004 she led a joint network project for a cluster of 5 schools charged with supporting and analysing the implementation of Restorative Practices.  This included training methodology, collection and analysis of student disciplinary data, policy review, documentation of implementation practices and recommendations for sustainable practices.  From then on Kristy has passionately been supporting and training schools, nationally and internationally, in the implementation of Restorative Practices.  She has presented at conferences in Melbourne, Canberra, Queensland, and the US.  In 2011 she began working as a private consultant nationally and internationally whilst continuing to teach part-time.

Recently Kristy completed a Professional Certificate in Positive Education, graduating with First Class Honours.  Kristy has combined her knowledge and skills in the field of Restorative Practice and Positive (psychology) Education and now delivers a workshop titled ‘Positive Education and Restorative Practice: a symbiotic approach to well-being in schools’ which is receiving very positive feedback from educators. 

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